Dog and Cat Boarding for Rockland, Hammond, Limoges, Wendover, and Ottawa areas

We are a family-owned business of Hammond, ON located in the area of Rockland. The business started in 2012 and as for a main goal of boarding dogs and cats. We are a small, friendly kennel that offers you and your pet a family atmosphere that is secure, and is as close as possible to what your dog or cat lives like at home. This will allow unnecessary stress to you and your animal.

Your pet will be treated like our own by being free (under supervision of course), spending time playing and sniffing while we are sweeping the floor, cleaning their enclosure, cleaning the yard and going about our daily routine. We do not believe in leaving your companion in his enclosure waiting for his or her time to go outside. With your consent, your pet will be encouraged to play and interact with other dogs which is very beneficial to their socialization and will make his or her next visit something that everyone can look forward to. This is especially good for puppies.

In spring, summer and early fall, your pet will benefit from our sixteen-foot screened door while inside. The light, airy breeze will refresh and contribute to the well-being of your pet. In the winter, our heated floor will keep your pet warm and cozy. Outside in their playground a snow mountain is blown for them, reaching a height of 8 to 10 feet. The dogs have a wonderful time running up and down and playing on it.

Our outside playgrounds are safe for your dog and and cat (separate areas of course). They are spacious and, for their absolute protection, are built with safety and security in mind. This allows your dog or cat a place where they can live and play outdoors safe, secure and worry-free. And also gives you peace of mind.

Our main project for 2017 is to enlarge our turnout area so that the dogs will have more space to run and play, get valuable exercise, enjoy the fresh air, or simply lie on our deck in the sun or under our trees in the shade. Our customers are also welcome to go for a walk with their dogs on our trails in the woods.

Our job is to ensure that your pet is safe, happy, having fun, and eating well of course. You will also benefit from our Facebook page as your pet will be photographed and videoed at no extra cost. You can be confident that your pet is in good hands, whether you are in hospital, recuperating at home, on a business trip, or away enjoying your vacation. By viewing your pet on Facebook, you can see for yourself.

(More information on our Facebook page)