Cat Boarding Rockland, Orleans, Ottawa & area

Our brand new beautiful cattery is completely detached from the Kennel. Peaceful and stress free with big windows that fill the room with sunshine. Your cat will enjoy lots of exploring time and special comfy spots to watch the birds feeding at the window.

Your cat will be able to try our new perch walkway ” Nellynn’s pathway”, and take some time to watch fish swim in our aquarium. Constructed in 2016, we now have a wonderful exterior cat park for those cats that miss being outdoors. Our cat park is equipped with driftwood scratching and climbing posts, pathways, cozy hiding nests, and is surrounded by bird feeders that are also vis-ited by our geese and pet pig Charlotte, all of which is exciting and fascinating for your kitty to watch – just like a big screen TV. Our cat park has a roof and skylights to protect your cat from the elements while, at the same time, allowing the sun to shine in. Totally secure, your cat can scratch his claws, roll in the grass and chase a passing butterfly. You are invited to come out for a visit and see for yourself.