The REMIX Lost and Found Program

pet-lost-foundOnce you are a client at The Hairy Paw, we do everything we can to accommodate, help and serve you. Every year we make it our goal to improve our facility, improve our service, and provide better ways to help you and your pet.

For example, in 2016 we introduced “The Remix Lost and Found Program“. The Remix is a program whereby your dog is given a tag engraved with a number that is unique to your dog. The tag also contains the following instructions:

IF FOUND CALL THE HAIRY PAW 613-488-2595 24/7

Once at home, if ever your dog gets lost or goes missing while wearing this tag, the finder can call the above telephone number any time day or night. Your dog will be easily identified through our records. You will receive a telephone call from us with the good news that your dog has been found. If we cannot reach you, we will go and get your dog and bring him to our kennel. After reaching you, arrangements can be made to bring him home.